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Our Top 10+ Magical Gifts for 2018

 Collection for 2018

The designers at Pink Poppy HQ are bestowed with the job of creating amazing collections full of sparkle and shine that capture the imagination of little girls around the world.

Our latest collection for 2018 is full of the best of Pink Poppys key heritage themes, but with a modern twist. Rainbows feature on our most popular handbag, whilst our shoulder bag is in the shape of a princess castle!

Dress ups sparkle and shine with sequins, flowers and the special touches that make them uniquely Pink Poppy. It is absolutely perfect for all those Fairy & Princess Parties!

Musical carousels, tea sets and our famous musical jewellery box all feature in a NEW fairy design. One of the most exciting additions to this seasons 2018 collection is our own Fairy Door. Designed to bring magic into the space where it is kept, this is sure to be a favourite amongst preschoolers. The opportunity to interact with imaginary friends and fairies, to draw pictures for them and have a parent write a note on their behalf is a special childhood experience. We hope you enjoy this collection as much as we have enjoyed creating it! Check out the listing on NEW COLLECTIONS opposite this article for all our favourites... enjoy!